Texas Hold’em Texas Hold’em

Hold ’em is the most popular casino poker game; if you’re going to pick just one game to learn, Hold ’em should probably be it (although if you play exclusively in homes games, 7-Card Stud is probably the most important game). Although the World Series of Poker includes tournaments in many games, THE world champion is the player who wins

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The Best Poker Books The Best Poker Books

Because of the most frequent questions I get in the “Ask the Pro” section is “what books should I read to improve my game,” I thought I’d go ahead and put my answer out there for everyone. The starting point is that there’s no one perfect poker book for everyone. The best book for you depends on a few things:

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Should You Gamble on the Internet Should You Gamble on the Internet

I’m not a big fan of the current state of affairs in Internet gambling, but also don’t believe Internet gambling should be banned or made illegal. I believe in freedom of choice, and that important consideration aside, banning Internet gambling won’t prevent it. Every time the U.S. government has tried to make a “victimless” action a crime, it has wound

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The Worst Player in the World The Worst Player in the World

You can find my “10 Basic Rules of Gambling” in Chapter 40 of Casino Gambling the Smart Way, and those rules are worth a review before any casino trip. In a poker game earlier today, I re-learned (the hard way, as opposed to the smart way) a long-forgotten addendum to Rule #3. Before we examine this sad and instructive tale,

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Tournament of Champions 2000 Tournament of Champions 2000

“Sun Shines Bright in Las Vegas Night” It was a little after midnight, well into the long heads-up duel between the 2000 Tournament of Champions last two survivors, when Spencer Sun, a 27 year-old, likeable, soft-spoken computer programmer from Novato, California, finally saw victory in his grasp. He’d battled his way through three days of play and 484 opponents to

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